About Us
Just about everyone working at Lovevogels is either gay, bisexual, Lesbian or transgender. So there are a few who don’t fit those categories – let’s just say everyone is “gay-minded”. We are what you make us. Essentially Lovevogels is just a platform. It’s you and other users who populate our space and make things happen. Users/Vogles are also at the very core of key functional areas like picture classification and supporting other users. We never forget that it’s users who make our world go round. We believe in freedom of expression. We also believe that the freedom to communicate should not be based on the ability to pay. For that reason we are committed to keeping the most important features of Lovevogels free of charge for everyone, without the annoying limits that some other communities impose on free users. How can we afford to do this? It’s simple. We don’t spend all our money on expensive advertising campaigns and your dontaions. We prefer to invest as much as possible in improving our service, and we trust that satisfied users will spread the word. We use Lovevogels ourselves. We’ve all got our own personal Lovevogels profiles – so we have first-hand experience of how things work – the good and the bad. We’re always trying to make things better!